The NBQSA Seal of Excellence

The NBQSA Seal of Excellence (hereafter referred to as the “Seal”) aims to encourage Sri Lankan software companies to produce quality, state-of-the-art ICT solutions using Sri Lankan talent and skills in an innovative way in order to gain a competitive advantage in the global ICT and Non-ICT arena. Sri Lankan ICT companies who have won an award at the NBQSA from 1998 are eligible to request the Seal from the BCS Sri Lanka Section for their promotional purposes. The Seal is a registered trademark of the BCS The Chartered Institute for IT Sri Lanka Section (BCSSL) and the section holds the final decision in awarding the same to a requesting organization.

Objectives of the Seal

01: Provide market opportunities to ensure sustainability of the ICT sector The ICT sector plays an increasingly significant role in economic development of Sri Lanka. By providing new market opportunities, the Seal aims to enable local software houses to establish strong links with peers as well as clients. Especially the small and medium scale companies engaged in ICT could use the Seal to create a positive impression about their products and services in the minds of their clients. Further, they could expect to achieve edge over their competitors through proper use of the Seal.

02: Establish rigorous standards of excellence for ICT products. The seal aims to establish a credible quality control mechanism to enhance rigorous standards of excellence. It aims to ensure that when consumers/clients choose seal awarded products/services, they can be confident that they are selecting high-quality, authentic products that are developed under standard software development principles.

03: Encourage innovation. While it seeks to promote the quality of Sri Lankan ICT products/services, the Seal also encourages product innovation in order to ensure that software remain relevant, valuable and marketable in the modern competitive global marketplace.

Judging Criteria

A product or service that are certified with the “NBQSA Seal of Excellence” meets the highest level of quality excellence and is distinguished as a benchmark for ICT product/service development. An expert selection panel, nominated by the BCS Sri Lanka Section, annually judges submissions based on the achievements made at the National Best Quality ICT Awards.

Benefits of the Seal

The Seal benefits Sri Lankan ICT companies by providing: 

  • Promotional certification to attest to the quality and authenticity of a product
  • Promotional materials and marketing support to enhance their product’s visibility and marketability
  • Website and e-commerce platform to facilitate inform
  • Advice to register ICT products under intellectual property and copyrights regimes

Guidelines for Using “NBQSA Seal of Excellence”

Authorised Users:

The Authorised Users include only the Product owners of the “Winners’ Circle” of the  NBQSA completion of a given year. The names of the Products and the Product Owners are listed in against the specific year.

Authorised Usage:

The Authorised Users are free to use this “Seal of Excellence” in advertising or promotion material, websites, organizational communications, etc.  of their respective organisations. The respective organisation could use the Seal of Excellence subject to the conditions indicated in this document.

Conditions Applicable to the Usage:

The relevant “Seal of Excellence” can only be used according to the category of Award at NBQSA.

The “Seal of Excellence” can only be used subject to the conditions imposed by the NBQSA organizers.

The specified colour scheme shall be used in all instances.(Refer below colour scheme)


Any misuse will compel the NBQSA organizers to recall a particular “Seal of Excellence” and impose a prohibition of usage of same by the respective product owner for a given period of time or indefinitely.


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