Chapter 1. Communication Application

Mobile Self-Care Application Suite

The Self-Care Application Suite was pioneered by Dialog and developed in conjunction with Omobio.

This application was uniquely designed with the intention of empowering customers to transact and seek support for various needs via a simple, fast and engaging solution, anytime, anywhere using a smart phone. Through the app, customers can access their Mobile, TV, Broadband and 4G fixed accounts for various transaction needs. Mobile Self-Care app is available via multiple platforms; Android, IOS & Facebook and is currently being expanded to support Web (desktop/mobile), Windows & Blackberry, and is the only app in the Country & this region that supports quad services and is also multilingual. Customers can transact in their preferred language via a user friendly UI that enhances the overall experience.

Customers can check their balances, pay bills via StarPoints (loyalty points) , eZcash (electronic money)or credit card, activate & deactivate services, check data usage on mobile and Fixed broadband, access TV EPG, activate channels, access loyalty programmes and lodge services requests. These are a few examples from the many services available via the app.

Mobile Self-Care app has elevated the standards of Digital Care experience, eliminating the dependency on traditional customer interaction channels such as the call center, IVR, SMS and stores. Customers no longer have to wait in queue or remember multiple short-codes to transact. Thus increasing customer loyalty and brand equity. In addition, the application helps to drive infrastructure consolidation by moving to a single self-care platform, which reduces investment in Capex and Opex.

Chapter 2. Education & Training

Virtual Academy Cloud

Chapter 3. e-Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Bileeta Entution

Bileeta Entution is a full-fledged cloud enabled Enterprise Resource Planning solution. It empowers SMEs involved in Sales and Distribution, Manufacturing, Projects and Services, who require a Tier II ERP to make their businesses efficient and profitable.

Bileeta has introduced a concept called JOURNEYs to reduce the complexity faced in traditional ERPs. (The concept of journeys has been explained in the below section). This is a brand new experience for the customers from the point of purchasing, implementing and using an ERP thereby reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

Furthermore as it’s a cloud enabled solution, customers don’t have to invest a lump sum on IT infrastructure nor possess any specialized IT skills to maintain the system. The product is designed in a highly scalable manner so it can cater for small and medium size companies. This also allows customers to start with basic journeys and then scale up with advanced journeys when their operations grow.

Bileeta Entution offers the functionality for the following business requirements:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Finance
  • Bank & Cash management

Plus advanced featured such as:

  • Business Analytics
  • Work Flow configured business Processes
  • Role Based Licensing system

Chapter 4. Financial Application

Sampath Corporate Payment System

“Sampath Corporate Payment System” can be described as the only corporate financial payment portal available in Sri Lanka which supports for wide range of corporate financial needs with secure, hassle free, and fully automated advanced features. It enables various kinds of payments such as employee salaries, EPF/ETF payments, supplier payments, interest/dividend payments, commission payments, Custom duty and Port Authority payment and more. SCPS is capable of executing multiple payments from a single platform and it is suitable for Corporate Customers. Payments can be credited to accounts belong to Sampath Bank or any other bank in Sri Lanka.

The traditional manual payment systems usually involves staff salaries and other payments being processed involving “SLIPS”(Sri Lanka Inter-Bank Payment System), manual fund transfer schedules, physical cash/cheques, writings, posting and delivering of cheques, and waiting in queues, all of which waste lot of time and human resources. SCPS has successfully addressed these issues by minimizing manual workloads and as a result, payments are executed much faster than any manual system.

SCPS can also reduce the overall transaction costs for businesses by eliminating postage fee for cheque payments, security transportation cost for cash transport etc. Plus, there is no need to maintain a register for cheque issuance and payments because of the online system enables customers to retrieve and view payment histories at any time, at their convenience.

Chapter 5. General Application


HRMenterprise is a comprehensive Human Resources Management and Information system that caters to a wider spectrum of HR functions to improve the HR business processes of organisations. The system has been deployed to over 700 clients in 18 varying business sectors across 30+ countries including diverse private and public sector entities; ranging from small & medium businesses to very large enterprises.

The system encompasses a structured approach from talent acquisition, nurturing, managing tenure life-cycle, compensation & benefits and smoother employee disengagement. It consists of over 30 functional modules that are seamlessly integrated to enhance visibility, empower decision support and enrich employee engagement. HRMenterprise is encapsulated by world class best-of-breed processes and practices consolidated throughout many years of client associations.

The product has been modeled for effective employee engagement from operational staff though powerful self-service capabilities and mobile accessibility for corporate level staff and functional staff as well as enabling the accessibility for lower levels of staff though kiosk based devices.

Powerful options stretch the abilities of the product to be deployed over multifaceted enterprises, including varying localisations and fulfilling statutory reporting needs. It also ensures that employee data are securely managed and end employee HR functions are under their control improving higher productivity and employee engagement with necessary accessibility options. Successful deployment of the product gives you the surety of continuous returns on the investment whilst enabling the elevation of employees to fulfill the business needs of the organization with optimum functional and enterprise level collaborations.

ERA Insight

ERA Insight is Virtusa’s comprehensive code quality, reuse and productivity governance solution used across all its software development engagements. It was built with the intention of scaling Virtusa’s high-end product engineering DNA and culture across the organization as we grew. ERA Insight scans a code-base to capture details of size and changes, dependencies and best practice violations. This information is used to provide comprehensive insights on code quality, architecture, reuse and productivity of developers, catering to various stakeholders, from CTO to the developer.

Using ERA Insight organisations can:

  •  Enforce consistent standards, best practices and technology stacks to improve overall quality and productivity of software development.
  • Obtain ground-up visibility to code quality metrics and quality of architecture.
  • Improve productivity and agility by facilitating planned reuse and preventing adhoc/unplanned reuse that can cause legal exposure.
  • Get visibility to productivity of software development teams.

In addition, ERA Insight caters to the “millennial generation” by using “gamification” features such as scoreboards, ranking developers and even providing badges to developers based on their code quality and productivity.

ERA Insight also provides configuration options, standardized workflows, plug-ins for commercial tools, a central update mechanism, etc. to promote efficient centralized governance. ERA Insight supports distributed development teams and multiple platforms (Pega, Java, .NET, C++, Remedy, Oracle PIM, Objective C).

Overall, ERA Insight helps IT organizations to maintain a healthy and productive software development environment and build high quality software products.

Chapter 6. In-house Application

“Smart Sales” Sales Force Automation System

“Smart Sales” Automation System is a comprehensive centralized solution for sales distribution which covers all the activities, processes of entire Sales Team, Sales Administration Team and also is a fully fledge MIS for the top management for decision making.

This system has been developed to address gaps and problems faced by the Sales Team and the Sales Administration Department such as, difficulties having when using manual order forms, more time taken to get a sales order by Sales Rep and also more time taken to enter the order in SAP (ERP), unavailability of updated customer outstanding details on Reps’ hands, complexity of sales return order process, unnecessary time spending when claiming expenses, was unable to monitor, track and validate Rep/ASM visitations, etc.

As target users of the system, entire sales force, sales administration team and the top management can use system features and functions efficiently and effectively under their working scope.

“Smart Sales” Automation solution is consisting with three sub systems. One is an Android based application which runs on Tablets that it gets GPS coordinates of locations when required and transfer them with other information such as sales orders, sales returns, visitations, etc via APN gateway on 3G network as the communication media.

One of the other sub systems is the Web Based application where all the sales orders and the sales returns taken are been maintained by the Data Entry Operators. They can retrieve the information and create respective orders in SAP (EPR) with in few minutes and update the status.

Apart from above mentioned sub systems there is a windows based Management Information System which is a main tool for Sales Administration Team and for the Top Management to monitor and take decisions. This has several reports on all the activities doing by Reps, ASMs and also several analytical reports on captured information to take decisions.

Chapter 7. Media & Entertainment


Televisionary is the ultimate TV show tracking experience in smartphones. Imagine an app that keeps users updated on trending TV Shows, remembers and notifies about their preferred shows, and displays everything on a smart calendar while making all this happen in a social atmosphere – that’s Televisionary.

Televisionary exploits today’s trend that majority of TV viewers use a smartphone while watching TV. Televisionary’s check-in screen harnesses this behavior by providing content that viewers mostly access while watching TV. This enables Televisionary to keep users within the app during a show and thereby collect vital information on viewer sentiments on the show. Televisionary collects vast amounts of such information pertaining to how the users liked a particular show / season / episode in different levels and makes them available for TV networks and rating providers via its analytics dashboard.

Televisionary currently uses to get information on TV shows. However, the app embraces a flexible architecture that enables it to switch to another source with very little development effort. It also has its own backend to supplement services exposed via

Being designed with a ‘social first’ approach, Televisionary integrates with popular social media to make the user’s TV watching a social experience. For example, Televisionary’s foursquare integration enables users to know what their neighbors are watching.

In summary, Televisionary is a platform that provides the ultimate TV show tracking experience for viewers absolutely free, while opening up an unprecedentedly rich channel of insights for TV networks and rating providers to exploit.

Personalised Horoscope Matching Solution

Horoscope Matching Solution (Porondam) in accordance to the Sinhala custom where the horoscopes of two individuals intend to get married is developed by Evidu Private Limited as a mobile Value added services. Every Sinhala couple needs to match their horoscope through an astrologer. Although this is a mathematical calculation there are no service available for a user to get an initial match over a phone call.

Currently Evidu developed fully automated horoscope matching service deployed at Dialog and Mobitel and the service allows any mobile subscriber to dial is dedicated access number and enter own details and the details of the person whom to be matched thought IVR service by any Dialog or Mobitel Subscriber. The System automatically matches the compatibility and gives the result to the subscriber. The matching gives a detail description and degree of the matching according to the customs in Sri Lanka.

The service allows any subscriber access the service through IVR and result to be listed immediately. The service charges are added to the subscribers’ mobile account.The features include saving of own details which can be retrieved for the next match and save matched horoscope details for future reference and listing to customised daily and weekly own horoscope reading including the Rahu kalaya etc.