(Extract from – Judging Manual NBQSA 2017 ver 1.0)

3.2 Company Eligibility for Nominations

The Company Eligibility guideline describes the criteria and attributes for eligibility of any company to submit their entry nomination(s) for NBQSA competition.

The companies which meet the following criteria are eligible to nominate their ICT applications and products to the competition:

  1. The company must be locally registered in Sri Lanka by the Registrar of Companies.
  1. The company can be an 100% local company, or
  1. A joint venture between a local company and a foreign company. Local shareholders must own not less than 51% of the total shares of the JV Company.

3.3 Eligibility of Entry to be nominated

The product or application that is to be nominated as an NBQSA entry must meet the following criteria:

  1. The Intellectual Property Right for the product or application must be owned by the company which is eligible to be nominated according to the Company Eligibility guideline (​3.2​ above), or its Intellectual Property Right is owned by the offshore parent of the local company where the majority shareholding owner is the local company.
  1. At least 51% of the development effort, including research and development and design, must be done within Sri Lanka.

3.4 Non Eligible Entry Nomination

The followings are non-eligible for entry nomination:

  1. A product or application, of which the main R&D and design efforts are done outside Sri Lanka,
  1. A product or application which has won an NBQSA Award during any of the last three NBQSA competitions.

(Even otherwise, substantial enhancements must have been made on the original winning entry for it to be considered eligible as a new entry.)

3.5 Number of Entry Nominations

Each eligible company can nominate any number of entries that meet the Entry Eligibility requirement specified in 3.2 above.