As per the rules of NBQSA:

– A participating product needs to be presented to a panel of Judges at a scheduled time period and at a specified venue by an individual or group of people physically in front of the judges.

– In addition to the person/persons who are physically present in front of the judges, any one is not prohibited from adding value to the presentation either physically been in the judging room or remotely connecting via telephone/video conferencing/Skype/viber/whatsapp/.. etc. The participant has the freedom to include these value additions as they feel appropriate.

– Value addition to the presentation could be done by development team members, own organisations’ leaders, customers etc.

– The presentation of the product should cover explanations and demonstration of the product for the presentation to be considered complete.

– Total Time allowed to present the product is: 3 minutes to set-up equipment in the judging room, 20 minutes to carry out the presentation and demonstration, 5 minutes for Q&A and 2 minutes to take the equipment out of the Judging room. (Kindly note that the total Time restriction is strictly adhered.)

– NBQSA strictly does not require the participating ICT product to be handed over to the organisers, judges or any 3rd party for the purpose of evaluations.

– The judging is carried out based on the presentation and product performance related facts obtained through the customer/market references

– The legal ownership of the product is presumed to be with the participant(s) OR the participant(s) have obtained the authorization explicitly from the legal owner to submit the product to NBQSA.

– The Chief Judges’ decision is the Final decision on the Awards.

– The participants are required to handover the Feedback form immediately after the Judging activity of the participating product is completed.

– Any complain/comment/subjections could be handed over to the organisers up to 21days prior to the scheduled date of the Awards Ceremony for each year. The organisers reserve the rights to address such complains/comments/suggestions as and when they decide appropriate to do so.

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